Haiti – Security : Abject Vandalism and Violence at the Faculty of Ethnology

Haiti – Security : Abject Vandalism and Violence at the Faculty of Ethnology

The Council of the Faculty of Ethnology deplores and condemns the actions taken at the beginning of the week by several individuals expelled from the State University of Haiti (UEH) (Sodwin Dormelus, Luder Providance, etc…) and students from the Faculty of Ethnology and allies (Mackenson Saint-Louis, Mackenson Beauvais, etc…) who smeared with faeces the administrative spaces and physically assaulted staff members present.

“[…] it was around 10:00 am when these individuals invested the Faculty of Ethnology. They threatened security officers stationed with stones and broken shards, ordering them to withdraw from their workplace. Not limited to this, they then went to the Common Core room to force Professor Pierre Lélien Douyon, who was giving his course in human biology and students to empty the premises to avoid reprisals. They also invested the administrative space by forcing the on-site staff to withdraw. Worse, they smeared some offices with bags of faeces they had in their possession.

Staff members were not spared by these feces, they were soiled, jostled by these individuals and insulted by obscene language. These individuals, aware of the security measures adopted and in the implementation phase (installation of video surveillance equipment), devastated the installations and took with them other equipment from the service company […]”

The Council of the Faculty of Ethnology informs that legal and regulatory provisions will be taken for the follow-up of law as well as security devices necessary for the maintenance of order at the level of this entity of the UEH for the resumption of administrative activities and academic.


May 15th, 2018

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